Cultivating Second Chair Leaders

Cultivating Second Chair Leaders Trailer

December 06, 2021 Emily Season 1 Episode 0
Cultivating Second Chair Leaders
Cultivating Second Chair Leaders Trailer
Show Notes

Welcome to Cultivating Second Chair Leaders: Conversations about living out servant leadership in the second chair

This is your time to connect in community, find direction, and find freedom to focus on your identity as a Christ-like servant leader in the second chair. 

Karpenko Institute for Nurturing and Developing Leadership Excellence (KINDLE) provides a model for living out Christ-like servant leadership. Throughout this season of the podcast we will focus on how we cultivate our faith through Christ-like practices including Sabbath living, Scripture, prayer, witness and service to others. 

This podcast is made possible by KINDLE, an incarnational ministry that encourages, prepares, and supports a growing number of God’s people as they live out their baptismal calling to be Christ-like servant leaders in their congregations, homes, workplaces, communities, and the world. To learn more about the organization and support our work go to 

Season 1 launches January 19, 2022!

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